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Gain assistance in building and safeguarding your wealth through qualified advice. With effective planning and avoidance of common mistakes, you can better shield your wealth against inflation. Additionally, powerful online tools can provide you with greater control and clarity when investing. By lowering fees, you have the potential to significantly improve your financial position.

How does MWA make money?

To keep MWA services free, we’re sometimes paid a commission from our partners. For example, we might be paid:
We never rank products based on how much commission we earn. And there are no paid spots on MWA. Our recommendations are always based on your insights, personalised to your financial situation.

More about different types of commission

Flat fee

A flat fee is a fixed amount we receive whenever you take out a product through us. The amount we get has no impact on the amount you pay for the product you’ve chosen.

Applications turns into customers

Our fee is sometimes based on how many applications a Product provider turns into customers. The more customers they gain, the lower our fee. This helps encourage Product providers to make it easier to become a customer.

Rate of conversion

When you see a product, you’re interested in and click apply, you’ll be redirected to the lender’s site to complete your application.

Percentage based fee

For some products, the fee we receive may be based on the total amount you get from the Company (for example if you took out a Fixed interest Plan). We could also receive a fee for the amount you paid the provider for their service (such as insurance premiums).

We sometimes work with other brokers like us, and the commission will be a share of the revenue they’ve earned from the provider.

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